Monday, December 20, 2004

ARUN K. SHARMA Japan Exhibition

Originally uploaded by Yoshinori Akazawa.
I have been to this exhibition at Neutron (kyoto city).
I found his ceramic work seen on web site.
At the gallery, he was standing and I cought his eyes .
I ask him some question for his ceramic work.
He want to express to be someone empty into brain by image of baby face with cloth.
I like Indian stone sculpture.


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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

E-mail from Harvard university

My work of art "People's night and moon" will be featured by cover of the book.
Plato's Cosmology And Its Ethical Dimensions
by Gabriela Roxana Carone
Cambridge University Press

On sale at 2005/4/30 for US and Japan.Other is july or June.

Many thanks fill my everybody,my heart.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

I'msorry for problems of my homepage for Macintosh user

2days ago,I see my homepage on Macintosh,Very I missed it so some problems for macintosh user.

Because I host homepage by windows xp only.

Problem is 1: Can't read text for English page ::cause text color is not black:
2:graphic images Can't see some place::cause data format .bmp file is mac user un seen.

I apologize to problem for you.

I try to change good web site quickly,please tell me some other problems.

Sincerly yours,

Yoshinori Akazawa

Monday, July 12, 2004

Nihonga no 100 (One Hundred works of Japanese Painting)

Now I have finished to create a painting for an exhibition Nihonga no 100 (One Hundred works of Japanese Painting).

Today ,I will bring this to IshidaTaiseisya Hall at Kyoto.
The exhibition open from tomorrow.July 13(tue)to18(sat)2004.I grad to exhibit my small work by many kind people.Also I will stay at the Hall some time after my daily work.(so evening after pm5 may be)

Over 100 works by Young Japanese-style painting Artists (graduated art school, teaching art university,college,art class,high school,professional painter..etc)at Kyoto or Kansai area or all of Japan.

I grad to inform you to come and to see our painting and I'm waitinng you.Thank you.

IshidaTaiseisya Hall
ogawa nisiiru marutamachi nahagyo-ku Kyoto city,Japan
Ishida taiseisya

Kyoto creaters bilding 3F
from Kyoto subway Marutamachi Exit 2 work 10 minutes
from Kyoto city Bus HORIKAWA-MARUTAMACHI,HUCHO-MAE each othe 3 minutes

Group exhibition[One Hundred works of Japanese Painting ] (Japanese painting)
Curated by One Hundred works of Japanese Painting Executive committee

DATE: 13-24.July 2004
Closing day: Nothing
TIME: 3F11:00 - 19:00/2F11:00 - 21:00 (2FClose/ case of party&event)
VENUE: ITP Hall 3F& ITP ICB 2F, Kyoto Marutamachi Ogawa

※No parking for visitor ,Excuse me Coin parking near around area.Thank you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I'm waiting you tomorrow,too.

Old friend in the school friend send me E-mail.

He is an illustrator.His work is fantastic.I unbelivable man's work.
His pencil picture is like woman's work.So sensitive,dream like.

He is busy man.So i arrived his site and to write comment 2 months ago.

His respond E-mail me.He is good man.

Good people I like .I'm waiting you tomorrow ,too.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Ray charls Sleep Eternity

His death ,Now I saw on a TV.His song remain in my heart.
Return to look myself,my express to paint my works ..
I think I want to express to heart straight too much by my works paintings.

I pray to for him good sleep etrnity.And ,god bless to him.Thanks.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Hot June hot hot

Kyoto is hot now season.Because around mountain with forest,many tree.Inside house,too hot similer outside... I'm painting today.For solo exhibition Tokyo.

Evening.My class of japanese style painting I must go to teach some persons.

But..2 persons absent reasons may be too hot today ..

One person old woman arrived at class room befor me.The place is near St. JR YAMASHINA .

I have talked her and advice her skecth.

Now back to my home.I'm painting to go on.. too hot ..

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Pretty ART goods you can find "Seed-" Group Exhibition at Tokyo,kiyosumisirakawa

Group Art exhibition at Tokyo,Kiyosumisirakawa subway ,Japan.

Place:Gallery KOPIS/Subway KiyosumiShirakawa A3 Exit ,walk 3 minite.
Date 2004 May 23(sun)- 29(sat) Am11-Pm7(1st day pm1:00 opening,last day pm5 closed)
You can find great pretty art goods,joy shopping in rainy season.

This exhibition theme ,"seed" the messege to all plants so SEED,FLOWER,TREE..etc..
Illustrator artists ,little craft artist,and Nihoga japanesepainting artist ehibit their art work ,sell some art works,postcard, goods.

Artist:furanagan.mikan,mutoukumin,anaberu,Kuroki mayumi,Murakami takako,Tiba hukuko,Yoshinura minoru,Sugiyama keiko,Huzii kaori,Akazawa yoshinori

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Yoshinori AKAZAWA great NIHONGA Japanese style painting Solo Exhibition 2004 June /個展の案内状

Yoshinori AKAZAWA will do solo exhibition at Tokyo,Japan.
He is Studied KYOTO traditional Nihonga japanese style painting in Kyoto city university of Arts .
This exhibition presents his new work seriese WILD FLOWER.
One of Old japanese poetty rule,Flower meaning SAKURA chrry blossom.Nowadays Flower meaning many kind of flower,but his artistic vision offer someone What is Flower? so What is Life eternity?
Therefore he try to create wild big flower tree to sketche over 10 years ago.
The picture of DM is Usuzumi cherry old tree,over 1000 years old,Neo village at Gifu pref. Japan.
This is one of 3 big Sakura old cherry tree in Japan.Another one of it ZINDAIZAKURA cherry tree ,over 1500-2000 years old,yamataka village at Yamanashi pref. Japan,too exhibit his works.

Place:Gallery KOPIS/Subway KiyosumiShirakawa walk 3 minite.
Date 2004 June 24(thu)to July 2 (Fri) Am11-Pm7(last day till pm5)

Very great Flower works you can joy good feeling ,I think it.
Come please ,E-mail me some question.I may be stay at garelly.

あかざわよしのり が東京で個展をします。場所はギャラリーコピス(東京都江東区)地下鉄 清澄白河駅徒歩3分。

とてもすばらしい 桜の作品が展示されますのでぜひご覧ください。(この期間しか東京では見れません)
E--mail でお問い合わせください。



Wednesday, May 12, 2004

My blog start by alphabetical version.

I am an artist of painting in JAPAN.
Naturally,so an artist express by his art work only... its so thinking in Japan.
But ,I will be an artist to speak my opinion.
So I start today blog by alphabetical version.
because I hope to exhibit my work in the world.
I want to donate my work to many country art museam,personal collector,company..etc.
I prepare to make the works paintings for next exhibition at TOKYO,June24(thu)-July2(fri).